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How to Find Free Classifieds List on The Internet

This is a very common topic on the internet that how anyone could find a good list of classified sites easily. The reason behind finding free classifieds list can be very depending upon the nature of work. Most commonly people use these types of classified sites to publish ads to buy and sell goods on the internet. That is the reason why buy and sell classifieds are much popular among everyone. Even when you are found of purchasing new goods or a firsthand goods but you might require selling your old goods on the internet.

The major reason of selling your old goods on these classifieds websites is to get a new one. There is a very easy form to fill on these classified websites before you post ad on any of these classified websites. Some people call it a free ad posting sites and some call it free classified sites. The usage of almost all classified websites is same and everybody use classified website to buy sell goods, finding jobs, offering or finding services, finding home or plots etc.

Everybody now a day require a job finding portal where they could easily find their desired job. These classified websites may help you but a list of classified sites will always help you getting a right job which you are looking for. Job is a basic need of almost every person who is willing to make money and need some time for their family because doing a business is hectic and requires more and more time to spend on.

How to Post Ads on These Free Advertising Sites

You just need to follow few steps to get your ad posted on these classified websites one by one. Each step has been given in an order which you can easily follow.

1st step – visit and fill out the form to get updated on your ads activity and even get verified to get email updated so your ad could be remaining active until you want to delete it permanently.

2nd step – confirm your email id and then use this link to login visit use your user id and password you have used during signup.

3rd step – visit and start publishing your ads on website. The same process you need to follow with other sites.

4th step – once your ad will be posted you can view your ad and start sharing it on all possible social sharing websites because the more you will share the most response your will get on your ad.

Benefits of Using a Free Classifieds Websites

The importance of a classifieds websites is same as you see ads on a newspaper pages but the difference between newspaper and classifieds is that this process doesn’t charge you any amount but newspaper do. Posting ads on a newspaper could be either costly or too much costly, so it will cost you either way but classifieds sites doesn’t cost you any amount even when you publish more than a single classified ad in a day. These sites are free for life so you can come every single day and post a new classified ad each day.

Some new features of these responsive classified websites

These all classified websites are now responsive which means these sites are compatible with almost every device which is available on the earth. Everybody is free to post ad on any kind of devices whether they are using a mobile, tablet, laptop or even desktop. These classified sites will give you a great experience because every action works without reloading the page so you don’t need to care about page reloading every time when you click on a submit button or a login button.

List of Few Free Ad Posting Sites

Which Classified Script Uses These Classified Websites

If we talk about the name of a platform of these above classified websites then we can say that these classified websites are made on a Blue Classy Classified script which is a very great classifieds website platform. If anybody wanted to run a new classified website then this is a right platform for them. This classified script not only build a classified website but also provides a 30 days’ free trail which is awesome and convenient for the users to test before buying it.

Free Classified Sites in India for Ad Posting & Promotion Techniques & Google Adsense Earning Through Different Ways

Free Classified Websites
Blue Classy Classified Script
Elevensites Classified Websites Promotion
Elevensites Classified Websites List Traffic Source Information
Build Classified Website Using MAG Services Website Development Services
Popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques
Promotion Through Youtube
Google Adsense Earning and Approval Techniques

Classified advertising is a free platform and finding a list of classified websites is not an easy task to do. Sometimes posting multiple classified ads causes issues to the advertisers who publish free classified ads almost every day. Most popular classified websites like Quikr, Olx and Craiglists always take care of their users and restrict those advertisers who daily publish same type of classified ad. That doesn’t mean that you cannot publish your classified ads because there are few other classified websites which let you publish classified ads.

Now A Time to Use These Below Classified Websites

Wondering Why These New Sites Are in Popular Lists

Based on this article we have shortlisted these classified websites for ad posting purpose because each of this classified website is a free ad posting website where there is no restriction of posting multiple and multi category classified ads. These classified sites are auto approved so all your classifieds ads will get approved instantly. Even after being an ad posting sites these classified websites are also offering an Editing, Deleting and Renewing ads features which let you edit, delete and renew your classified ads before it expires. Ad posting form is also very simple on these classified websites which let every user publish ads on a single click.

Which Platform Are These Classified Websites Using?

This is a very important question for the beginners who are looking for a platform to build a classified website and make a good money from Google Adsense, Chitika Premium Ads,, Infolinks etc. These classified websites are made through Blue Classy classified script which is made on a PHP language and it was made by As we all know that if we will use google search for a free classified script then we would find thousands of classified scripts on the internet. If you want to know the difference between Blue Classy and other free classified scripts, then I tell you. This BlueClassy classified script is a hosted script which provides you a running classified website where you don’t need to buy any hosting and domain from any other place. The Free and open source classified script is a free license software which you can download and upload to your server. With Blue Classy you will get a premium support but with an open source you won’t get any support.


With the above classified script website you can check out the pricing and take demos of different versions. Blue Classy classifieds script has a Non-SEO friendly Version, SEO friendly version and Advanced Version so this is up to you which you want to choose. Right now, Blue Classy is also offering a free plan for testing purpose which is for new clients who are willing to test the server and classified script. If you are one of them who want to take a free plan, then visit the Blue Classy website and contact them for getting your free classified website.

Blue Classy classified has been used on thousands of classified websites so if you are looking for a list then you can simple visit below classified website listing site.


Promotion Through Elevensites Classified Website Listing Website

Elevensites Classified Website Listing and Promotion
Elevensites Classified Promotion Page

Whenever any beginner makes their classified website they often require a promotion by which they can easily achieve the goal. The goal behind making a classified website is to make good money from online advertisements which are very popular now a day. The popularity of a classified website is being measured through a traffic on a website because that defines how much popular a website is. The more a website has traffic the more it will be accessible because on the internet world traffic is everything for webmasters. Elevensites is a platform that will provide you a traffic to your classified website in a very low pricing. The meaning of low pricing means if you would spend money on PPC and Banner Ads then you will have to pay at least 3 to 10 Rs Per Click. But on Elevensites you can get 200 Daily unique visitors to your classified website on a monthly plan of Rs 6000.

If you will calculate the above 200 daily visitors in PPC Advertising at Rs 3 Per Click

Type of Promo- tion PPC Price in Rs Multiply Clicks Per Day Result Total Spend Per Day Multiply Days Result Total Spend Monthly
PPC 3 X 200 = 900 X 30 = 27,000 Rs
Eleven Sites 1 X 200 = 200 X 30 = 6,000 Rs

How Elevensites Drive Traffic to The Classified Websites

Elevensites Search Engine Optimization and Promotion
Elevensites Search Engine Optimization Results

This is a very important question that how Elevensites classified websites list drive classified traffic to the other sites. Elevensites classified advertising has been created for the google Adsense users who wanted to promote their classified sites and make good money from google Adsense program. Elevensites is Search Engine Optimized in Google and other search engines and it’s all traffic comes from an organic search results in search engine. The most trusted way of traffic is search engine and other trusted sites but Elevensites drive traffic from only organic search results.

What Are the Other Ways to Build Classified Website?

Website development is another good way to build a classified website but that is a little costly process than using a classified script. Blue Classy classified script can provide you a classified website in Less than 5000 Rs Every year but website development services can charge you more than a 25000 Rs first time and hosting charges may be same as Blue Classy. Even if you think that website development is much better than using a classified script then you should try out MAG Services website development services because this website will provide you a good development service as well as support. Check out the MAG services website below.


What Are the Popular Search Engine Optimization Techniques?

Miniwrites Content Writing Services Prices
Content Writing Services Prices

The basic and most popular search engine technique is to write unique content or buy content from most trusted content writing services and publish the article on high quality websites. These days everybody is doing SEO in similar way because getting backlinks from a unique and high quality content is highly appreciated by Search Engines. As said by many famous bloggers that content is a King and it also helpful to build your brand name online. If you are looking for a good and quality content, then you can use the below content writing services website.


What are The Other Promotion Techniques?

Except from PPC and Classified Listing sites you should try using a Media Streaming Website which is now a Youtube. Youtube is very popular these days and famous for a video promotion. Millions of users have become popular through this video streaming website so the idea behind the promotion is to make a video and upload it youtube. In a video, you have to describe all your business just like Elevensites Youtube Videos and also like Shikha Goyal Youtube Videos. Most of the new artists and singers are uploading videos but that doesn’t mean there are no business-related videos. Youtube is an open platform for everyone so anybody can easily upload all types of videos on Youtube and become Popular. You can check out these below youtube channels for reference and ideas how they are promoting their youtube videos.

Elevensites Youtube Channel:
Shikha Goyal Youtube Channel:

How to Earn Money from Google Adsense or Get Adsense Approved?

Google Adsense Ads Sizes
Some Popular Google Adsense Ads

This is a very common topic on the internet that how to earn money from Google Adsense account as well as how to get your Adsense account approved. Earning from Google Adsense is possible in different ways because this advertisement service has spread widely so you can earn from your Website, Youtube, Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites etc. Classified website is much popular for Adsense earning these days but if you are in need of Adsense account approval then Blue Classy classified script may be providing. Google Adsense earnings are per click basis so if your website visitor clicks on your website ads then some amount is being credited by the Google in your Adsense Earnings. According to the Google Adsense policies, Adsense publishers cannot click on their own ads because this violates that Google advertising policies and it may result your account being disabled.